patchworkmatryoshka asked: whispers the third photo in the style set is so pretty like wow i dont even know what it is about it but its just. so. nice. wow.

OMG thank you„„, I love drawing naked, regal looking girls in drapery even though I suck at it

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Experimenting with styles at wee hours of the night

That six selfie thing everyone is doing because I can’t draw

Why I’m really unproductive lately

Tigers in Space

HEY GUYS!!!! Heads up, I have an online store now! 


flyingspacetiger's character, camellia!! 

(i’m still taking commissions!)

Oh my goodness thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAMS

Go commission Ling, they’re the best! 

Anonymous asked: Do you watch/like any shows? Which ones?

As in TV shows? I have a lot and I don’t really have the dedication to watch all of them to the end except for a select few, but I really like/liked American Horror Story, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Firefly, Orange is the New Black, Sleepy Hollow, Parks and Recreation, Elementary, Hannibal, etc. 

In terms of anime I’m not really watching anything currently? I dunno if you want me to list anime too ask me separately

"These are the roses I stole from your mother’s garden. Do you hate me now?"

Naruto page paint-over? 

original page

(Maybe I’ll do more)

Anonymous asked: i'll never be tired of your gay deer

thank god because there’s gonna be an onslaught

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