Color pencils are SO FUN

How far have you wandered, silent princess?

More doodles lmfao no time for personal work lately


i love??? your eyeliner???? wtf the fuck????

:^) thanks!!!!! I love playing around with my eyeliner, and since I recently got my gold liquid liner I’ve been going crazy w it

I don’t have new drawings to post bc I’m too busy with schoolwork but I hope my eye makeup counts as an art form


Hi! Sorry, tumblr recommended me your blog with that picture of your hair and so I don't follow you/know anything about you so I feel kind of weird reblogging pictures of you but man your hair is AWESOME and I wanted it for like, future character reference or something (slash generally wishing my hair could be that cool). So I wanted to ask to make sure you wouldn't be uncomfortable about strangers reblogging pictures of you? ;v;

!!!! Yes I’m totally okay with that, thank you so much for finding the time to write this and make sure I was comfortable! I’m glad you like my hair :^)

School started so I’ve kind of been really busy adjusting to this whole college thing but yeah

Hello I’m dragon lord Yves


Hey I preordered the zine and I was wondering when will it be coming out?

Sending them out tomorrow! :^)


friend this may not be important to you but I just want to compliment your face especially your nose like goddamn it's like?? I don't know what to say you just have a really nice nose?? k bye

holy shit hi? omg? Thank you so much because i am??? usually really insecure about my nose and my face in general so this actually means a lot for me thank u!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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